Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery

For customers who would prefer not worrying about their oil delivery, we offer Automatic Delivery Service.

To get started, Husky will get some information from you regarding your fuel usage and assign to your account a ‘K-Factor’ (a measure of thermal conductivity). This coupled with degree days (a measure of coldness set daily by the National Weather Service) allows us to closely track your fuel usage and prevent your tank from getting too low.

The longer you are with us, the better we become at estimating your heating oil needs. The target for delivery is between ½ and ¼ tank remaining. We work very hard to ensure that no automatic delivery customer ever runs out of fuel, but should this happen, you are protected with emergency service 24 hours a day.

Please give Husky a call at 410-418-8000 to find out more.

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